So glad I could get a massage close to home

I work totally online and from home.

I sit at a computer 8-5 everyday.

I should work out, stretch plus move around during the daytime. I respectfully don’t though. I get so weary after being at a screen all day. I just want to read, smoke my bong or watch some TV. My back plus neck obviously hurt all the time. I went to a chiropractor and that didn’t help. A buddy of mine highly recommended getting a massage on the regular. I looked around plus the only massage parlor was a high end salon in town. So that meant it wasn’t just a body massage shop, they also provided eyebrow threading, sugaring for hair, waxing for the bikini section plus henna for body art. I looked at images of the store plus it was actually geared towards ladies. The whole inside was pinks, purples and whites. All the salon workers were women. I was a bit embarrassed to initially call plus make a massage appointment. My back plus neck hurt too much though. I started out with a massage appointment right at closing to avoid a crowd. The salon is girly and my masseuse is female. She is lovely though. My tension was worked out within the one session. I felt fantastic as new. I now do a two week massage appointment when they can fit me in. I am no longer bothered by the other services they offer. The message is too great and benefits me too much to stop going. I have even thought of taking my buddies with me so they can get massages too.

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