Should have called the HVAC people in April

I honestly haven’t been too concerned with air conditioning over the course of my adult life.

The region where I live is not a place that needs a whole lot of air conditioning. At least that was the case for a long time. It seems that I’m either getting more sensitive to the heat or it’s getting hotter for longer in the summer around here. Normally, I’m just so thankful that gas furnace isn’t running that I don’t think too much about heat here in the summer. Our big focus is on the HVAC heating part of all that quality heating and air that our HVAC equipment provides. The gas furnace is just first rate residential HVAC stuff. And I’m very thankful to have it. We invested quite a bit of money in the thing a few years ago. The old gas furnace went a long time and was a good one. But this new gas furnace has all sorts of HVAC technology the old one lacked. To make sure that I’m getting peak efficiency and the gas furnace is ready for the winter load, I call for heating maintenance each fall. I don’t forget that phone call to the HVAC company because to do otherwise would be stupid and potentially dangerous. Yet, I have been completely inconsistent with the central air conditioning in our house. I didn’t call for the air conditioning tune up in the spring like I normally do. It’s now mid June and the heat is climbing but the air conditioning just isn’t keeping up. Looks like forgetting to get the air conditioning tune-up is going to cost me and HVAC service call for sure.

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