She was concerned he wanted to be an HVAC professional

My mom is a trooper.

When dad passed away, she stood up and made sure the family was okay.

Not once did we miss anything we wanted, and mom was always there for us when we needed her. She is the best woman, and I believe there is very little that she can’t conquer. I remember once we had a dance recital and she had to work, mom made sure she was there, even though she arrived a bit late. She says she would move heaven and earth to make sure my brother and I are good. Given how great our lives have been, I believe her. When my brother graduated high school, he wasn’t sure he wanted to spend 4 years in university. So, he told mom he wanted to go to trade school and train to become a HVAC professional. Mom was a bit concerned about my brother wanting to become a HVAC professional. She hoped he’d pick something else, but my brother’s mind was made up. Our dad had been a HVAC professional before he passed away, and my brother has always wanted to be like him. Besides, he’d done his research and realized that HVAC professionals have a lasting career, and the earnings are just as great. Eventually, mom accepted my brother’s decision, and supported him through school. Now, he is one of the best HVAC professionals in the HVAC company he works for, and has a thriving career. Not once has he regretted being part of the HVAC industry, and following his dream. The HVAC industry is one of the few that offers lots of job security.

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