She contacted the HVAC business

Being the superintendent of a big apartment building, Rose gets a lot of odd repair calls.

  • The other day, one of her apartment dwellers called and told her she heard bees in her ductwork.

Rose had never heard of such a thing, so instead of telling her she was nuts, she went up to her apartment. She could hear some humming coming from the ductwork, but Rose could not hear bees. She told her to get closer to the air vent, and she would know what she was talking about. Rose put her ear to the air vent, and she listened closely. There was a hum and she could faintly hear a noise that could be a buzz. The longer she listened, the more she heard the noise she was hearing. Rose started knocking on the walls, but that made no difference in the sound. She thought that if bees could have gotten into the ductwork, knocking would make the noise louder, or send a stray bee out of the air vent. Rose phoned the Heating, Ventilation and A/C business, in addition to saying they would come over the next day. In the meantime, she was going to cover the air vents. If she had bees in the ductwork, the entire building would have bees in the ductwork. Rose told the tenant the Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker would be there on the day and everything would be taken care of then. On her way out of her apartment, she heard some odd noises coming from the apartment next door. The owners had a toy for the pet that was buzzing and jumping, and it was vibrating through the air vents.