Shake rattle & roll

These things are a small inconvenience for living is a nearly perfect environment.

Living along the southwest coast can be a dream life for sure. Beaches, sunshine & the ability to head to the mountains or the shore in the same day is really amazing. My buddy and I have lived here all of our lives & even though life is relaxing most of the time there are some things that my associate and I deal with that people around the country may not realize. Did you know that my associate and I never even flinch for the most part when my associate and I have tremors. Yes I mean tremors like the kind that come with seismic activity, then earthquakes & tremors are a normal way of life for us & feeling the earth shake has nothing to do with emotional attachions, but one thing that my associate and I learned early on was that our Heating, Ventilation & A/C system had to have special attachions when it came to our HVAC duct. My buddy and I can not have the conventional HVAC duct because our has to be flexible in order to stay in place during the shaking. If my associate and I did not use that type of product my associate and I would always have to bring in repair people to repair the cracks & disattachs. My buddy and I even have our Heating, Ventilation & A/C equipment is sitting on a flexible pad to prevent it from getting detrimentd during the rumbling. These things are a small inconvenience for living is a nearly perfect environment. The freedom to live life in the outdoors year round & make the most of just about every day is so worth it. If you ever have the opportunity to live in an part like this you should entirely consider it. You should also make sure that your apartment & all the appliances are set up & built to withstand what comes with it.



a/c set up