Servicing a heat pump for an ice cream shop

The owner of the oldest ice cream shop in the neighborhood had called the beach cabin services supplier that I work for to have a heat pump repair plus they also needed a heating system filter change.

The ice cream shop had the best ice cream in town, my nieces could not get enough of it, but every time I went out with them I avoided passing by the shop because those 2 had a way of convincing someone even when you are bent on adamantly refusing.

I work as a heating worker plus last year I had the pleasure of installing a dual fuel idea plus digital control equipment in the shop. They already had an existing electric heat pump, so I installed a heating system plus merged the 2 systems to work together. The 2 combined systems which could be considered as improved or current furnaces did a great deal to help with indoor comfort. The number of customers who had their ice cream at the ice cream shop increased which was wonderful for business. I went there prepared to also do a heating system/heater tune-up since I was sure that they may have failed to actually mention it when they called the heating dealer, just as I was about to head out I got an emergency call from my partner plus I had to leave at once so I asked a fellow heating supplier to actually go in my place! A week later when the two of us were heading back from Christmas shopping including Christmas decorations to hang on our fireplace the two of us passed by the ice cream shop for our regular ice cream treats, they even provided my heavily pregnant partner an extra serving with extra sprinkles on the house.

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