Secret spot gets ductless heat pump

I sort of feel a bit odd plus wrong when it comes to my secret spot, but this spot is mine plus mine alone, and when you have a houseful of kids, you need a spot to call your own… And when my hubby comes household from his day inside zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning in his office, I slip out to my own Heating and Air Conditioning comfort in my secret spot; I cherish being a mom plus working part time.

My associate and I have an awesome home with a pool, the latest in Heating and Air Conditioning technology plus all the other amenities.

But what I don’t have much of is privacy. And that’s sort of odd for me considering the fact that I’m a quiet, thoughtful plus private person; So once my buddy and I had all these kids, I actually had to make it a point of balancing out all this commotion with some quiet. That’s when I sort of made this spot down in the basement. There is this odd closet down there that had to have been a cellar pantry or something. It’s good sized with a door plus a light plus an outlet. This was good enough for me as I took over this space with a few floor pillows, mellow lighting plus candlelight. I’d put on my headphones plus just kneel in the stillness plus breathe. But now, I have an Heating and Air Conditioning update to the spot. I stealthily had an Heating and Air Conditioning business install a ductless heat pump inside my quiet site. And oh wow, what a difference this makes. There is no Heating and Air Conditioning air duct in that space nor any air ducts at all in the basement. So having some quality heating plus air has been quite remarkable.