Romantic candlelight almost does the HVAC in!

That my wife fell in love with me is still a bit of a mystery. She’s so amazing in many different ways. That’s not how I would describe myself. We’ve been together for 15 happy years; that says it all! But when I won her over back then, I almost ruined my HVAC system! It’s a strange story, for sure. We met at work when both of us were right out of school. Not having much money, or experience with romance, I did the best I could, which involved employing some old-school perceptions. So, I chased my wife with home-cooked, candlelit meals. The first time I cooked for her, I made it casual but I lit candles on the dinner table for when we ate. For some reason, she loved it! She loved how relaxed and authentic it was, but what I didn’t know at the time was how bad this was for the HVAC! All that burnt wax in a small space builds up on the HVAC air filter in a hurry. After a few meals, the filter was practically covered with a solid film of candle wax!


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