Romance and the heat pump

I’m just such a lucky guy.

And it’s good to know that so I don’t have the tendency to take my life for granted. I’m married to my best friend and we have a nice home with lovely quality heating and air among lots of other great stuff in this house. It’s been nearly 20 years now and it seems like it was just yesterday that I nearly killed my residential HVAC trying to woo her. Our lives are great and we love each other on a level that only grows deeper with each passing year. But we still get a kick reminiscing about how we fell in love. We actually both took jobs in the same office building just after graduating from college. Neither of us was from this region and came for the job. While we worked inside the same building, we didn’t work for the same company. However, we kept seeing each other at lunch because we both liked getting out of the commercial HVAC and into the sun with some fresh air. We both thought living in this region was the best because the weather was perfect from October through May. So we started eating lunch together and going on some dates. By spring, I had asked her to my place to cook for her. This was my way of making the big move and trying to make it exclusive. So I fired up like 50 candles so the whole evening was by candlelight. What I didn’t realize was that all that burnt wax was sealing the HVAC air filter. I nearly killed the residential HVAC trying to get my wife to fall in love with me.

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