Retirement hobby

Upon retiring from the heating as well as air conditioning business as a certified heat as well as cooling system specialist I decided to do a little side thing as a hobby as well as way to bring in some extra money as well as my pension.

I decided on repairing portable heating as well as air conditioning unit as well as window cooling system’s.

When I first started I didn’t think if it was going to labor or not. But lucky for myself and others that it did end up undoubtedly working out. I have my own small little side business going. You would be surprised how more than 2 people in my local section have issues with their portable space heaters, portable air conditioners as well as on opportunity there are those who still use window air conditioners for certain rooms as well as have complications with them too. They all end up coming to me. This isn’t an everyday thing, maybe a few times a month I will get clients. But it is pretty steady. I don’t make much currency, only a few hundred bucks here as well as there. I do not charge high prices because after all, they could actually go out as well as buy a new portable air conditioning program or portable space furnace for cheaper. So the program was to make it affordable to have it repaired by myself and others rather than going out as well as buying brand new portable space oil heating systems or portable air conditioners. It is a nice little side hobby in my retirement here as well as gives myself and others some extra currency to take the wife out to a nice dinner once a month!


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