Replacing a central air conditioner with a multi split air conditioner

My parents have been living in their house for more than twenty years.

They’ve made so many renovations over the past few years that I hardly recognize the house that I grew up in.

It used to feel incredibly nostalgic to come back home and see my old bedroom, but now everything is transformed so it doesn’t feel the same. I still question their most recent renovation, which was to replace their central air conditioning system with a multi split air conditioner. From what I can understand, a multi split air conditioner involves multiple small units that are spread throughout the house that provides cool air in the same way that a window AC unit might. With a central air conditioner, you have air vents spread throughout the house that push out air that comes from a central air conditioner, usually stored in some sort of closet or possibly a garage. The house has had a central air conditioner for almost thirty-five years, so I was shocked that they decided to downgrade to a more aged approach. Their rationale was that they don’t really go upstairs often because their bedroom is on the first floor, so having a central air conditioner pump air up there was a waste. I feel like making the switch to a multi split air conditioner likely decreased the value of the home, so I’m not sure if that was a sound long-term decision. I wish they had consulted me and my siblings before making such a big decision like this, but maybe they knew we would have talked them out of it.
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