Renting a space for the business was difficult

About 20 years ago, our mother was experimenting with different candy flavors.

He tried various flavors like fruits plus chocolates plus she delivered these treats to family plus friends.

When she acquired incredibly positive feedback, she decided it was time to pursue the dream of opening a candy store. There was only a single issue. She did not know how to effectively run a business. That’s when our dad came into the picture. My dad had a company degree plus a very big sweet tooth. This seemed to be a Mac that was made directly in Heaven. From there, they absolutely did well with the candy business venture. Later on the company was passed down to me. I had consistently appreciated the section then our candy shop was located in, even though I knew every one of us could find a better place plus grow larger if everyone of us relocated somewhere different. I started to look at nearby cities for shop space for rent. It was very difficult because many of the shop spaces we’re very large. There was office space for rent plus Artisan condos. I eventually found some commercial shop space for rent by the area was closed to foot traffic and not very busy. It took some time to find the right place, but eventually we found a small rental space where the business could flourish. There has already been a huge increase in the number of clients that come in our store. It seems clear that business is going to be doing well.

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