Radiant heating brings back memories of college

When I was a kid, I simply didn’t know what I had.

These days, I’m a lot wiser and had the good sense to move back to this region.

The weather has a lot to do with it. I’ve lived up north for college and for a while to sort of make my bones in the industry. But I just couldn’t get accustomed to a winter that needs a gas furnace or a boiler. That ended up basically being a deal breaker for me. Had my wife not been as eager as I was to trade the gas furnace for a heat pump, it might of cost us a marriage. But she too was ready to get out of the cold and back into a region where the heat pump takes care of all our HVAC heating needs. When we built this house, we chose to go with a geothermal heat pump. This type of heat pump is about the most efficient one can own. It also uses radiant floor heating to heat the house in the winter. That radiant heating sure reminds of my first days up north where my dorm had a boiler and that radiant heat was just the best. I can even remember when that boiler would really get pumping, the heat in the room could get to sauna like proportions. My roommate and I would have to open the window a bit in the dead of winter that thing was so intense with the heating. The radiant floor heating in our house is much more manageable and we just love it. Although, we really don’t have to use it all that much given how tight our house is and how mild the winter is where we live.