Radiant heated flooring is something everybody should have

I didn’t know what I was missing until I had a radiant heated flooring.

Have you ever had a heated form before? If not, let me tell you what it is. Radiant heated flooring is when a heating element is installed underneath your floorboards. This is normally done by your heating and cooling company, when the heat element is installed under your floorboards it makes it where your floor is warm. So now instead of just having your central heating system that warms your air, you also have a way to warm your feet too! This is great on cold winter days. I didn’t have flooring until my husband decided to get heated floors. He still had an advertisement for the heated for us on TV and he practically begged me to get it. I agreed and we went and contacted a heating and AC professional to perform the installation for us. Admittedly came as much as I was excited about having needed for and I was dreading it a little bit too. I thought the installation would be long and difficult. I was surprised when I saw that the installation only took a few hours before the heated flooring was finished and ready to use. Now the two of us are all set for this winter. We have already taken all the other steps that we need to take to make sure that our heating system is ready to keep our house toasty all throughout the winter months. Now we have our wonderful radiant heated flooring to go along with it.

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