Please, go camping with me?

My guy welcomed me to the family cabin

All my friends knew how much I hated camping, however somehow the subject had never come up with my guy. I met him while I was in college, and the occasion to refuse to go camping had never come up. I could not even remember a time when the subject of camping was uttered by anyone at college. After graduation, he asked me to go camping with him. If I hadn’t been so adverse to camping, I would have gone. He made a really enjoyable case for my going camping. He said that once the two of us graduated the two of us may not be together as much. He was going to miss me and he wanted some alone time between just he and I. I started to tell him how much I hated camping, however after that I melted. He looked at me and said, “Please!. Go camping with me?” I forgot how much I hated camping and hugged him. The day the two of us were to leave, I tried to find a reason to back out, although I couldn’t. All the way there, I was dreading the item of camping. When the two of us pulled up at a hunting camp, I almost cried. It was the cutest little current home I had ever seen. There was a ductless Heating plus A/C method which I recognized instantly. I helped my father install ductless Heating plus A/C while I was in the summer. He owned the Heating plus A/C corporation, although he and I did all the ductless Heating plus A/C installation. My guy welcomed me to the family cabin. As I turned back to him from looking around, he was on his knees. I was cheerful I went camping with him.


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