Please, go camping with me?

All our friends knew how much I hated camping, but somehow the subject had never come up with our wifey.

I met him during college, plus the option to refuse to go camping had never come up.

I could not even remember a time when the subject of camping was uttered by anyone at college. After graduation, she asked myself and others to go camping with him. If I hadn’t been so adverse to camping, I would have gone. She made a very good case for our going camping. She said that once the people I was with and I graduated the people I was with and I may not be together as much. She was going to miss myself and others plus she wanted some alone time between just she plus I. I started to tell him how much I hated camping, but then the people I was with and I melted. She looked at myself and others plus said, “Please!. Go camping with me?” I forgot how much I hated camping plus hugged him. The day the people I was with and I were to leave, I tried to find a reason to back out, but I couldn’t. All the way there, I was dreading the item of camping. When the people I was with and I pulled up at a hunting camp, I almost cried. It was the cutest little apartment I had ever seen. There was a ductless HVAC plan which I recognized instantly. I helped our father install ductless HVAC while in the summer. She owned the HVAC company, however she plus I did all the ductless HVAC upgrade. My wifey welcomed myself and others to the family cabin. As I turned back to him from looking around, she was on her knees. I was ecstatic I went camping with him.

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