Pauline requested emergency repair from the HVAC company

For many years, Pauline believed her life would never change.

She grew up poor and in the country, far away from all the sophisticated places she saw in magazines.

Life on her parents’ small farm was dull and repetitive. Pauline longed for change and chose to move away after high school. A friend who lived in the city encouraged Pauline to take the leap and see the world. She got a job as a waitress after moving in with her friend. He worked at the local hospital and was rarely home. One night Pauline returned home after a double shift to find the heating unit off. She thought her friend had forgotten to turn on the heat pump to the house. But, the issue was far much bigger. The heating unit wasn’t working at all, and the house was freezing. They had a small space heater, which wouldn’t keep Pauline warm. So, she went ahead to call the local heating unit repair company for assistance. Her friend had briefed her about emergency services when she moved in. He had an emergency repair agreement with the company, so a heating system technician was at their door in half an hour. Pauline was so happy to hear the HVAC van pull up. After evaluating the heating system, the technician noted the thermostat was malfunctioning. He had to remove the faulty thermostat and replace it with a new one. This took about 20 minutes to complete, and the heating unit began warming the house, much to Pauline’s delight. She texted her friend at the hospital, letting him know that the heating unit was back to normal.


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