Our HVAC corporation definitely is making progress

Since I started my supplier approximately five years ago, I have regularly had a bi-weekly meeting to review my progress, learn from my mistakes, & congratulate myself on the wins.

It has not been easy, however I was determined to leave my mark.

There was no room to quit to be honest, & I did my best to rise back stronger every time I acquired a blow. I chose multiple cooling representatives because I would say that out of almost everyone else, they believe in what I believe when it comes to the business’s success. I have also had them the longest. The meeting was helpful yesterday, & in my opinion, the people I was with and I made headway. My supplier deals with Heating plus Air Conditioning devices & provides air conditioning repair, replacement, or repair. I was actually surprised to learn that the supplier continued to grow despite the pandemic. The people I was with and I employed more cooling device techs & trained more after the worst pandemic had passed. I would not necessarily say that the cooling industry took a major hit from the pandemic, but some suppliers shut down. Some of our best sellers were cooling devices. The latest that has been picked up is the mini-split cooling appliance. Cooling is essential to help with indoor comfort. I have also noted a need for homeowners to learn more about air conditioning appliances to make informed decisions. Still, luckily our cooling supplier offers free consultation when picking the appropriate quality cooling appliance. Our cooling specialists go as far as doing a follow-up once the cooling appliance installation is complete. During the pandemic, the people I was with and I also tripled our demand for high-quality HEPA filters, which drew most purchasers to our dealer.



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