Our cat went missing for about a week

I can honestly remember when our wifey and I went to get a new kitten so many years ago.

The cat is awesome and every one of us decided to name the cat ‘Cooley’ because he enjoys hanging around the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C vents when the cooling idea is running.

Just love us, he enjoys the perfect temperature control settings. Well, I was surprised 1 afternoon when every one of us couldn’t find Cooley anywhere. All of us had his preferred wet food waiting for him, even though he was nowhere to be found. I honestly opened the can of food and arenad it on the floor for him in the basement. I figured he would come out to get it, even though he never did. After a few afternoons of not being able to find him, every one of us ended up making missing cat signs with his picture on it and our PC number. Nobody ever called about the cat and every one of us were worried about that. I kept putting dry food out for him and kept opening more cans of his preferred wet food though. Then, after about a week, suddenly I noticed the last can of food was eaten and some of the dry food as well. I looked around everywhere and called for Cooley. Then finally I heard his meow outside the window. When I checked the window where there was a window A/C equipment installed, I came to find that the side piece was broken and that’s how he got out of the basement. He jumped in the basement through the side of the window A/C equipment and came to see me. My wifey was so cheerful when he was back and I instantly fixed the concern with the window A/C equipment so he couldn’t get out anymore.

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