Only one month

Our local heating and air conditioning company has their HVAC service plan on sale for just this month only.

This is a way for those who do not have a heat and a/c service plan to get interested and buy one from the local heat and a/c company.

I think this was a great idea. I was actually one of the people who hopped on this deal. Because I had been wanting to get a heating and cooling service plan for a while now but they just were too pricey. With it being half off this month for the whole year if you sign up, that was enough for me to want to do it. There are many benefits to having a heating and air conditioning service plan. One of which is to have your HVAC system protected in the event there is some kind of storm that kills it. It will pay for another one without you having to shell out a single cent extra because it is covered under the HVAC service plan. Which this will actually save you thousands of dollars if something like that was to happen. The other good thing is you can get free HVAC tune ups and check ups. Well, not free really, but they are covered under the monthly fee of the heating and air conditioning service plan. This will make it so you save money there as well. There is also ductwork cleaning included in this heat and a/c service plan. All around it is a super good deal at half off the regular price.



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