One More to Go and I am off to Have a Monster Salad With Tuna Fish

Today is Saturday and I can just feel that the beach is packed with a bunch of nets and people playing.

I wish I had a camera that showed the beach so I wouldn’t have to go down there and look for myself.

I just looked online and they don’t have any cameras showing the beach, frown. I will just knock out my HVAC repair work for the day and head on down to the beach. I will bring my beach chair, volleyball, music, and just have a day in the sand. It is about 68F today so there isn’t going to be a lot of people out there, but this makes it even more relaxing. A lot of local businesses are closed now because the tourists have all left the area and it is very quiet here. I am going to get some wood for later and have a friend over to watch the fire in my fireplace with me. We will eat a nice meal and play with the cats a bit. I think the weather is going to get really cold soon so I may need to fire up my furnace in a few days. My fireplace doesn’t heat up the bedrooms so I need to run the central HVAC system to keep us all nice and toasty while we slumber all night. I am going to do my yoga in a few minutes and then eat that big salad and get on out of here. I’m so happy I turned my heated floors on this morning!

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