One Month Left as well as Every one of us Will be a Ghost Town Again

Summer is dwindling down to just a few weeks left now as we enter the end of August soon.

A lot of the people in our small village are here just for the summer time season as well as then they head back to their hometowns to continue their lives elsewhere.

It has been a fun summer time so far as well as I am looking forward to cooler temps as well as our cold water dips, then it is going to take a few weeks till the sea cools down enough where it has beneficial effects on our body. I love cooling down in the water in the morning as well as coming lake apartment as well as warming up with a hot bath as well as a space furnace in our bathroom. The cold water dips entirely wake me up as well as recharge our spirit unlike nothing else. Coffee doesn’t hold a candle to how 55F cold water can wake you up. The HVAC supplier near me has a cold water bath in the summers but they are closed for a few weeks because the owner is out of the country so I can’t use their bath right now. It would be great to take a cold water dip in their bath when the weather is so hot out but it won’t be happening anytime soon. I will just keep taking our cold showers as well as stay cool with our air conditioning till the owner comes back or the weather starts to cool down so I can do our sea dips again. I’m not sure when the owner is coming back but I suppose it is in a week or so.

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