Old Cars don’t always have the best heating and cooling

My father in law is a vintage car lover.

He has a barn full of old cars, some date back to when cars first hit the roads in 1910!! On warm summer days he likes to take the old cars out for a summer drive on the old country roads.

A few weekends ago my family and I were visiting my in laws for a BBQ. While I helped my mother in law with the meal, my husband played basketball with the kids in the driveway while my father in law washed and wax a car from the 1920 era. It was a very nice afternoon. My oldest son began to show interest in what his grandfather was doing and soon my father in law was showing him how to properly wax a car. I was actually very surprised that my son seemed so interested in helping his grandfather. After we had all had an early dinner my father in law asked my kids if they would like to go for a short car ride in the car he had just washed. They all jumped at the chance to go with him. My husband and I were helping clean up the kitchen when they all returned from the ride and the kids all looked irritated as they climbed out of the car. As it turns out the kids were really upset that grandpa refused to turn on the air conditioning in the car because they didn’t like feeling the wind on their faces. They thought it was mean of their grandfather to refuse to turn on the ac. We had to explain to them that cars that old didn’t have cooling systems.

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