Off to the local business to square things up

I have to go to the bank in a little while and see why they plugged my account.

They asked me for some information and I supplied it, but now they are saying that I didn’t supply them all the info they requested .

I feel I will just walk down there and talk to them in person so I can get my account working again. It is particularly something simple that I missed and it is particularly easier to go in person and get it fixed once and for all instead of sending these emails back and forth, but the Heating and A/C worker is coming over this afternoon to change out my heating system filter and I want to be property for that, so I better go now and get this bank thing done. I just hope I can communicate officially with the bank teller because my Spanish is flimsy at best. The new business in neighborhood has been helping me learn the language but it is taking me a long time to do so. I feel I can practice more each day than I have been and see if I can push it along a bit faster. I will be working at the Heating and A/C business next week and there will be a lot of Spanish speaking when customers come in looking for heating and cooling equipment and I need to be able to talk with them. I guess if I push myself I can learn this language once and for all and be able to talk with people on a usual basis instead of running away.

a/c workman