Now it is all apartments for rent

My father owned a motel company and then quit at 65.

I was the 1 that inherited the business.

I saw the issues my father dealt with on a morning to morning basis. The people renting motel rooms were awful plus constantly causing problems. There was a main bar that required so much licensing, paperwork plus hiring of workers. It seemed like the bar was more work than it was worth. When I took over I changed the company. There is no more bar, instead it is a big apartment that my property manager now lives in. The motel rooms are now efficiency apartments. Typically these are apartments of people that the state pays for. They are either on disability or have drug problems. The house has a small family room, bathroom plus 1 study room. I changed 16 motel rooms into 8 efficiency apartments. The company now makes way more currency than what it used to as a motel, every house is filled plus it more than pays for my property manager. My dad used to go to the company everyday doing paperwork or talking with the maids. Now I just sit at home while someone else handles it. There are no cleaners, bartenders or other employees to worry about either. My property manager is worth his weight in gold. He only handles hiring plumbers, electricians, Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C contractors or any other needed handyman service. I just need to ok hiring them first. That is all. I now make quite a bit of currency on a company that I spend little time plus brain power on. It is the best.