November Festival felt like August

In our neck of the woods, the Northeast, my wonderful friend and I normally have fairly cool Fall seasons.

This time of year is filled with festivals that celebrate the harvest plus cultures such as German plus Irish.

I believe this is due to the fact that multiple of the European cultures settled this part to begin with. One of our number one things to do as a family is attend the multiple Novemberfest celebrations in the area. This year, however, it has proven to be less wonderful due to the freaky weather my wonderful friend and I have been experiencing! Where my wonderful friend and I normally have 50’s to 60’s, my wonderful friend and I have had upper 76’s to 73’s. I love dressing in jeans plus sweatshirts while taking in the traditional songs, foods plus beverages. This year, I am walking around in shorts, covered in sweat like silly plus drinking water instead… I wish there were indoor celebrations where they could use the cooling system to make the festival feel more like it normally does. They could cool the room to sixty degrees plus decorate with fall foliage. I am sure it would be overpriced but I believe they would make it up in no time from the sales of food plus beer. When I believe of Fall I feel hot plus cozy so feeling hot plus hot is a real bummer. I wonder what they do in warmer climates to celebrate the Fall season. Maybe they treat it just like summer. I just wish that Mother Nature would turn on the natural “air conditioning” so my wonderful friend and I could prefer out time outside more. Until that happens my wonderful friend and I will continue to run our Heating plus Air Conditioning system at apartment as well.


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