No time to clean ourselves

When my partner and I first graduated from college, the people I was with and I struggled to pay off our student loans.

With early level positions at our works, the people I was with and I weren’t making much cash.

The two of us purchased a very small house with a low mortgage in order to avoid throwing our money away on rent. The two of us could clean the whole condo in an hour. The two of us could mow the lawn, weed the gardens and trim the shrubs in a single day! Handling the repairs and service of the house was no issue. Once my hubby and I both got promotions and significantly increased our income, the people I was with and I replaced our living space. Our new house has more than five bedrooms and two bathrooms and includes over multiple thousand square feet of living space! Keeping up with the demands of our jobs plus the cleaning of the house became hard. The two of us finally realized that the people I was with and I can afford to hire professional cleaners. The two of us now have a cleaning company that comes to the condo every week. They take care of the general cleaning such as dusting, vacuuming and wiping floors. They do the laundry, make the beds, deal with our garbage, take out the trash and unload the dishwasher. They also properly clean windows, launder bedding and manage all the Springtime cleaning style things. Coming to the house from work to a clean area is such a pleasure. The living space not only looks so much nicer but also smells better. My hubby and I are able to have supper, relax and chat. The two of us don’t need to devote our limited free time to running the vacuum cleaner or washing dishes.


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