No problems with the heater yet

So far, I am actually really happy with the portable heater in our home.

I will admit, when my boyfriend brought that thing home, I was already thinking it was a waste of money, and disapproving hard.

The reason why my boyfriend was bringing home a heating unit was because the central heater was incredibly old, and it stopped working sometime back. When it stopped working we didn’t try to repair it, because we had already shoveled so much money into trying to bring that thing back to life, it just wasn’t worth it anymore. I was already making plans to call the HVAC corporation in the morning and explain our situation, then to ask for HVAC installation quotes. My boyfriend had another idea though, and that is when he went out and brought back the portable furnace. I looked at the tiny thing, how in the world was a tiny furnace like that supposed to heat our home? I told my boyfriend he would be returning it, once it proves that it cannot heat the home. However, much to my surprise, the portable heating unit actually did heat most of our home. Granted, our home was pretty small, but I was quite confident that it was a waste. However, the portable HVAC device completely blew me away with how well it worked. It worked so well in fact, my boyfriend went out and bought another one! With the two of them together, our home felt comfortable, and it saved us a lot of money. My boyfriend is pretty smart, and I feel bad for doubting him.
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