No HVAC System at Health Resort

I decided to do something dramatically uncharacteristic.

  • When it was time to option my trip for the year, I decided to visit a health retreat.

I usually spent my trip mornings at the beach or on a cruise sailing through numerous islands, however this year I felt inspired to do something different. I was turning 40 and I felt like I needed to readjust my life physically and mentally. I’d never been to a health resort before, but I had a friend who had visited 1 and raved about it herself. I always thought health resorts were for people who couldn’t function in humanity or were on the verge of a upset breakdown, but I abruptly l gained that they’re for everyone. Everyone could benefit from a mental and physical tune up. When I checked into the resort, I was escorted to my room. When I went to adjust the temperature on the thermostat, the employee who checked myself and others in told myself and others that there was no private thermostat. In fact, the resort didn’t have an HVAC system at all. According to the resort, the lack of heat and air was a part of the health journey and I’d learn to live with the natural temperature of the weather. They even included something in my welcome pamphlet about how to naturally stay cool through opening a window or how to sizzling up by visiting their sauna, however no HVAC system seemed ludicrous, but I was willing to submit myself for the benefit of my health.

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