New town, new relationship, and new HVAC technology: The season of a lot of ‘news’

I recently moved to a new town after meeting an incredible man.

I had a rough few years with the pandemic, losing my job and a relationship that was dear to me.

With all the losses, I decided to relocate and try my luck in a different town. I love the coast, so naturally, I opted for a coastal city. I also got funding for my HVAC business, which activated me. I am an HVAC professional and have always wanted to set up my business. I was elated when funding came to set up the company in this coastal town. It was a sign for me to stay. I opened my business in time to acquire the new HVAC equipment. The biggest HVAC brand in the country had introduced quality HVAC systems with the new HVAC technology, and the industry was in awe. I quickly ordered the new HVAC units from the brand’s HVAC provider. Even though I was out of work, I would religiously keep up with the HVAC industry, so I knew what was in the works for the new systems. I had only two HVAC repairmen to help with indoor comfort, so training them did not cost much money or time. I had gotten very dedicated and ambitious employees who also took the initiative to keep up with what was happening in the industry. We received the systems just in time for our grand opening, and the queues for the new systems and thermostat almost made me cry. My new man supported me and gave me a grand opening gift of flowers and champagne. Over the next few days, we received numerous HVAC installation and HVAC maintenance requests.


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