New HVAC machines can pack a serious punch

This is the space of the coming beach apartment that I don’t care so much about, the heat.

It gets way too sizzling out in the day, after about 930am, so I end up a prisoner in our beach apartment until it cools down in the night.

I’m only here for another 2 weeks or so after that I will escape to the refuge of the cooler weather where I am living overseas. It will be really sizzling here for about 5 months straight plus I don’t miss the heat at all. My electric bills used to be really high because our outdated heating plus air conditioning plan would be running all day trying to keep the apartment cool. I’ve been living overseas for more than six years now plus plan on coming back to the states every 5 months to visit for a month or so. I have noticed that the newer heating plus air conditioning technology uses far less energy than many years ago. My dad’s apartment is about 5000 square feet plus our stepmom said that the power bills in the summer, with the cooling system going most of the time, was only about $150. I remember our dad having power bills of almost $1000 during the Summer with his 2 commercial A/C units running steadily to cool down the monstrous house. It is really neat that they have made the newer heating plus air conditioning component so efficient. I wonder what it will be akin to in another twenty 5 years? Maybe the people I was with and I will have solar plus wind power to run our units plus keep us hot plus cool in the winter’s plus summers, respectively.

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