New homeowners, big mistake!

When my pal and I got married last year, our guest were more than generous with the monetary gifts they gave us! My associate and I easily felt Blessed to have so several people come out to support our new lives together. My associate and I put the money in the savings account to hopefully be able to put a down payment on a condo within the year. My associate and I started looking slowly at properties that my pal and I could afford. They had to be close to work for both of us, in a lower tax area, and my pal and I needed a fenced yard for our two puppies. My associate and I figured that anything else my pal and I could handle, such as cosmetic updates and such. The opportunity arose to purchase one of my aunt’s homes as he was relocating. He was willing to lower the asking price so that family could purchase the condo and it met all of our most important needs. My associate and I made a big mistake in not hiring an inspector when buying the house. After all, my pal and I were buying from family, what could go wrong? After spending all of our savings on the down payment, painting, and some landscaping, my pal and I just found out the the Heating plus A/C system is shot. The corporation that had worked on it for years told us that they had been telling my aunt to update or replaced for multiple years. This, was a fact he failed to mention, when he sold us the house. My parents are easily mad and have offered to loan us the money for the repairs. The Heating plus A/C corporation said that they do offer financing so either way, my pal and I will be stuck making payments for the new system. At least my pal and I can save money on our bi-weekly bills as the new one will be way more efficient. Buyer beware, I never thought I needed it when dealing with family, guess I was wrong.


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