New Ductwork to Purify Air and Lower Energy Usage

When my husband and I received our tax return we knew exactly what we wanted to put the money towards.

While most people invest into a vacation or personal investments, we had less traditional plans.

The two of us wanted to use the money to have our ductwork replaced. We’d been living in the same house for over 10 years and the air quality seemed to decline as the years went by. The air quality was something we were always discussing with our HVAC contractor and he was always giving us small tips. We tried replacing the air filter more frequently and we attempted to move around various air purifiers. However, air filters add up over time and air purifiers aren’t a cheap investment either. The biggest change our HVAC contractor said we could make was to replace the ductwork. The ductwork was over two decades old and it not only needed to be cleaned, but it needed to be replaced. There were holes forming throughout, which was causing our energy bills to steadily increase every month too. Replacing the ductwork was a big task, but we were committed to doing it. My husband and I had no intention of moving anytime soon, so it was worth the investment. We not only wanted our air quality to be better but we wanted to waste less energy on our monthly HVAC bills. Once the process began, the replacement of our ductwork was quick and painless. The HVAC contractor handled everything and we sat back and reaped the benefits.
HVAC repairman