New approach to air conditioning results in better summer, less costs

I’m regularly for saving money.

If it makes sense, is legal and ethical, I’m regularly game for a plan that will save myself and others money.

When it came to the Heating and A/C cooling in our home, I honestly needed a new plan. Since all of us moved down here several years ago, we’ve been essentially letting the Heating and A/C cooling run wild. That honestly hasn’t been the best when it comes to our household budget. Still, all of us didn’t honestly suppose quite what else to do when it came to the summers down here. Frankly, our husbandy and I were both stunned by the intensity and duration of the summer time heat when all of us moved here. Sure, all of us knew it was going to be hot but all of us weren’t prepared for the wet blast furnace it turned out to be. Subsequently, all of us just leaned into the control unit setting. It’s like the heat pump runs night and morning from August through September. For sure, I’m so blissful that all of us have a new heat pump with a high SEER rating. But even with all that Heating and A/C efficiency, the cost of air conditioning just got out of hand. So I ended up approaching 1 of the gentlemen in our hockey group about his strategy for Heating and A/C cooling and the summers around here. He’s a native and he commanded that I need to just wait to turn on the air conditioning until the undoubtedly end of Springtime. This allows the body to actemperature to higher hot and cold temperatures. The two of us did just that and it has worked like a charm. Now, a control unit setting of 68 during the peak heating hours of the morning feels cool when it’s in the high 90’s outside.



a/c rep