New addition includes our first ductless Heating and Air Conditioning

Now that the new addition is complete and my husbandy and I are the blessed recipients of this new master suite, I have to say it is a success.

However, I wasn’t exactly sure of that before we undertook this project. Honestly, I truly thought there was another way to deal with the situation without adding to the house. There had to be a way to find peace among the heating and cooling comfort of our home. The gentlemen would eventually figure out just how to live together. But, as my husbandy kindly pointed out, if I wanted that peace so I could appreciate the air conditioning, I better go get it. And of course, he was right. The plan that our gentlemen were going to abruptly just get along every afternoon was folly. The fact that they had to share a room didn’t make that prospect any more probable. Both of us had to get them their own rooms and that meant we needed more rooms. Selling the beach house and buying another beach house was out of the question. So that left only having an addition put on that would be that family room would genuinely solve the problem. However, it was going to be our room and it would come with its own Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. This part was both exhilarating and a bit stressful. The renovations were a bit to deal with for sure. However, knowing that this would end with us having our own family room suite and bath made it worth it. One of the best parts of this whole thing was the ductless heat pump that went into the new master suite.

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