Never seems to fail

Is it just me or is it that every single time there is a heatwave the central heating & a/c plan seems to go out? Would that be something that is a coincidence or could it be that maybe central heating & air conditioners just can not handle dire heat.

Even with this week’s quite quite powerful heat & a/c technology.

I am not sure. But this typically happens to me. There is a heatwave & then the next thing I think I have no a/c & have to call the local heat & a/c business to send out a certified heating & a/c specialist to repair our central Heating & A/C system. A lot of the time they are so backed up cause almost everyone’s central heat & a/c units are going out at the same time, so I ended up having to go to a hotel for the night because of this & then return the next day when the heating & a/c specialist can come to repair our central Heating & A/C system. I had been thinking about going out & buying a portable a/c to have in the event of emergency of this type of thing happening, depending on the heat & temperatures, the portable a/c plan may actually be a way for me to save money & avoid having to go to a hotel in this kind of a situation. I think I am going to go out & buy 1 entirely soon because the heatwave for the year is coming.


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