Need to Take a Trip Back Home Soon

I am dreading booking a flight back to the states because I really don’t enjoy that long flight over the Atlantic but I need to go back and see my family. It’s been over two years since I have been back and I have lost my father since then. I just need to decide when I want to go back and go ahead and book the flight. It’s always kind of strange going back after being gone for so long because a lot of my friends are going to look much older. I guess I am looking older now too. My old furnace is looking older too as it has been in this flat since I moved in ten years ago. I think I will have to buy a new heating unit soon so I am starting to put some money away for that. I should have enough saved by the end of this year to be able to pay for a new one. I think a new central heat and air unit will cost me around $6000 and I have about half of it so far so I am getting there. Looks like today is going to be another rainy day so it will be me and my cat for the remainder of the day. My cat is perched up on the fireplace shelf and is purring away right now as I type. It will sleep till dark and then wake up to peruse my house while I sleep all night. I will need to run my furnace tonight because it is really cold.


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