Nasty weather forces indoor workouts

I live in the northeastern part of the country, where the weather is always a concern. The winter cold lasts for more than 50% of the year. We deal with temperatures down to negative twenty degrees and feet of snow on the ground. In the summer, the temperature climbs into the high eighties with brutal humidity. In-between, we can expect rain, high winds, freezing rain, hail and blizzard conditions. Because of the conditions, we spend the majority of our time indoors. Whenever the weather is halfway decent, I head outside to run, ride my bike, swim or kayak. I have invested into all different types of clothing to combat the weather. I have tanks and shorts that wick away moisture when it’s extra hot and I’m sweaty. I have long pants and long sleeves that are designed to hang onto body heat so that I can be outside in the cold. Most of the time, I need to workout indoors. I have set up a home gym and invested into all different types of equipment. I’ve bought a treadmill, an incline bench, a set of free weights, a mini trampoline, resistance bands and a jump rope. I do everything I can to keep the workout as interesting as possible. Doing the same exercises day after day gets boring. It’s difficult to stay motivated and push myself. I wish that I could join a gym and have access to more diversity of equipment. Unfortunately, the commute is simply too far to make a membership worthwhile. Instead, I just look forward to the rare day of moderate temperatures.

Personal Fitness Expert