My wood stove is a valuable asset in winter

I chose to live in a partially rural area because I was sick of all the noise I heard living in the street.

The roads were congested with cars, well into the evening hours.

I hated to hear the honking, the screeching, and the people yelling back and forth to one another at four o’clock in the morning. It was affecting my long term mental health in the worst possible way. It’s a feeling of claustrophobia that was like walls in all directions closing in on me. I would prefer to be in an environment where there aren’t other people surrounding me for as far as the eye can see. It’s also really peaceful to smell the pine trees and hear the whistling wind and the chirping birds in the distance. One huge advantage to living on a large plot of land out in the rural countryside is having an abundance of wood for heating during our frigid winters. I have so many fallen trees that I will never run out of firewood while living on this land. That’s a huge advantage to living anywhere in the countryside where you have access to your own trees to cut up and throw in the wood stove. The wood stove itself is an extremely valuable asset in the winter here, but it’s no use if you have to purchase your firewood from a farm or vendor. I love utilizing my wood stove along with my central furnace. This creates a satisfying heating effect in my house while saving me lots of money that I’d be spending if I didn’t have the wood stove providing so much supplemental heat.


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