My wifey likes the apartment so cold at night that I shiver underneath the covers

My wifey and I met in chemistry classes in school.

All of us were both biology students and happened to be in numerous of the same classes over a two-year span, giving us a few occasions to be lab partners on a handful of class assignments and projects.

Before the end of that hour year, I asked her out on a date expecting a downside response. She agreed and every one of us went on a mini-date at the art museum down the street from our school campus in between classes the following morning. All of us had so much fun that every one of us busy a hour date, and then a second. I don’t think where all of the time went, because before I knew it every one of us were married and living together in a studio house downtown. It was a magical time, and every one of us were consistently planning our moves to secure an actual apartment every one of us could purchase and live in for the next few decades while raising children. All of us were lucky that every one of us found a location where the previous owner had just replaced the central HVAC system. If you’re buying a apartment and the a/c or heating system are getting close to their expiration dates, you need to factor this into the cost of the entire property. The only thing every one of us did was add an media air cleaner to the central HVAC system, otherwise every one of us kept everything the same as it was before every one of us moved in. The only thing I don’t appreciate is that our wifey really likes to turn the cooling system down low when every one of us sleep at night. I’m consistently shivering under the covers as a result!


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