My What a Difference a Day Can Make

Life can change in the blink of an eye, as my HVAC rep friend once told me.

When it seems like everything is going just fine it can all suddenly change just like that. And the opposite holds true, when it seems like nothing is going your way and everything seems like bad luck, life can change on a dime. I’ve been keeping my head down and working at the HVAC company as all of this bad luck hits me because I know life will get better soon. People find the love of their life in a moment, people win the lottery in one scratch of a ticket, people conquer their disease and are healthy again just like that. I’ve had a ton of bad luck hit me over the past two years so I am ready for that wave of good luck. I am lucky to have my job at the local business when it seems like everything else has fallen apart in my life. It’s actually not that bad but my mind likes to tell me otherwise. I am lucky to have my job working with some cool HVAC techs and HEPA filter salespeople. It keeps me in the mix with others when all I want to do is hibernate in my room. I know that being alone too much isn’t good so this job for the local contractor is saving my life. I will just keep on keeping on and hope for things to turn around as they always seem to do for me. Life is good and worth living.



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