My uncle wasn’t the usual hoarder.

There were plenty of shows on television that depict people who are hoarders.

I doubt there is anyone alive who doesn’t know what hoarding is? I knew what it was from the time I was old enough to talk.

My uncle had a menagerie in his house. It was cluttered everywhere, but it wasn’t the usual hoarder type of clutter. Each pile of clutter was set up as a living picture. He even had a bunch of old HVAC parts in the living room. They were set up like they were in an old cabin. I noticed that there were different types of HVAC systems in every room. While my uncle was in the hospital, his son decided to surprise him and have the house cleaned while he was gone. He wanted there to be a bedroom downstairs so he didn’t need to climb the stairs. That’s when we realized his odd habit of showcasing HVAC parts, spread to the upstairs. My cousin said he had never HVAC parts like this before, and he had been an HVAC tech for twenty years. I often wondered why he never came home and noticed this, so I asked. He said my uncle had started his hoarding when his mom died. He couldn’t change things back then, and his dad told him to move out. Although my uncle went to visit him, he wasn’t allowed to come back to this house. After all the HVAC parts were taken to the recycling center, we had enough money to install a new HVAC system into the house and get the house livable again.

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