My uncle finally just gave the old RV to me

A few years ago, my uncle asked if he could park his RV at my property.

I didn’t really have an issue at that time.

He wanted to fix it up to go on some nice camping trips together with the family. I thought it sounded great. Well, he worked on it for a little while. He even hooked up some solar panels on the roof that controlled all the electrical systems. The issue was that there was trouble with the engine. He ended up buying a used engine and also that has been resting in my garage. He didn’t have a cherry picker to remove the old engine and he never got around to finishing the work. More recently, I asked him what he was planning on doing with that RV, and he asked me if I wanted it. He said I could have it because of the inconvenience it has caused me resting on my property. I decided to take it and he handed me over the title to it and I got it registered in my name. I ended up getting a cherry picker and pulled the old engine and installed the new one myself. The solar panels still were working great and I decided to install a cheap ductless mini split system. The ductless mini split easily functions with just the power from the solar panels, so now you can keep it running all the time. We even hang out inside the RV during the nights just playing cards from time to time with the ideal temperature control settings from the climate control system. We also have already been on a few family camping trips which were awesome!

Heating and cooling equipment