My thermostat isn't working

Lately my thermostat has been acting weird… Although I am supposed to be the one in control of it, it seems like it has a mind of its own! For example, I will turn the boiler on as well as start heating the home, because it will be in the 50s outside, then later, I notice my apartment is somehow ice cold, as well as looking at my thermostat I observed that it is for some reason set for 65 degrees! The a/c is going full blast pouring icy freezing air in my home.

I would reset it, as well as the same thing would happen later in the morning.

It was getting crazy that I felt like I couldn’t even control the temperatures in my own home! Something had to be done, as well as to be honest, I never liked that thermostat anyways, as well as so I bought a smart thermostat online as well as had it shipped to me. As soon as I got the new heating as well as cooling thermostat, I chucked the ancient one in the garbage. Bye-bye unpredictable thermostat, as well as hello costly luxurious smart thermostat. That seemed to repair the majority of my problems, thankfully. Maybe the issue was that my ancient thermostat was ancient as well as needed replacing. I don’t know as well as it doesn’t matter, because that is an issue of the past. I really appreciate the features my new wireless thermostat offers me as well. I love the fact that I can now control my boiler as well as a/c through my iPhone, so cool as well as incredibly convenient!
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