My study room doesn't get the same amount of AC

So it does get some shade.

My spouse plus I purchased a small lake house that the two of us do the snow parakeet thing with; During the freezing season the two of us are down south in our little house. I care about having smaller gardens to care for, a tiny house to scrub plus not a lot of turf to mow. It is easier plus way less stressful. I have tried not to invest too much money into the lake house since it is supposed to be a quick getaway. However, I am thinking about replacing our My spouse plus I don’t share a room. She snores plus thrashes around at night. I am a light sleeper plus need a sound machine. The 2 study room plus 2 bathroom house is perfect for us. Lately I have been noticing the temperature varies quite a bit in the study rooms. I had complained to our spouse for months how boiling our house was in the summertime. I felt care about the A/C was never doing its job. I recently discovered our spouse’s study room is so much colder. Her room is technically not as high up in the air plus has brick walls. She does have a room that is at the back of the house too. So it does get some shade. My study room gets exposed to more sunshine. It shouldn’t be that much hotter though right? I am wondering if there is an issue with our cooling system. I suppose perhaps the ductwork might be congested to our study room. I want to have an icy freezing A/C at night as well!

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