My other half gets her HVAC

I think my wife has been cheering for the end of our HVAC unit for some years now.

This is a sneaking suspicion of mine because I have never seen her smile quite the way she did when the HVAC technician broke the news.

I happened to be standing right behind my wife in the doorway of our home. The HVAC technician had started breaking the news to my wife about the old HVAC unit. It appeared that the old HVAC was on its last legs and we needed to get an HVAC replacement plan underway. I can’t say I was all that stunned by this news. I mean the HVAC unit was put in when the house was built. And that was almost 25 years ago. But I was a bit stunned to see the look on my wife’s face as she thanked the HVAC technician for the heads up. She couldn’t meet my gaze but also couldn’t suppress a deeply amused grin from her face either. For the last several years, I’ve heard all about how great zone controlled HVAC is. This is from a person who is indeed super sensitive to the thermostat setting. But nothing was going to happen when it came to upgrading the heating and cooling until it was time to replace the HVAC unit. So now, my wife was finally right where she wanted to be. The old HVAC unit was officially on the way out and she was going to be central when it came to choosing the new HVAC equipment.

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