My new smart thermostat has lots of great features

My new smart thermostat has lots of great features. One of the best things about it is the fact that it reminds me when I need to change the air filter. Changing out the air filter in my home’s HVAC system has always been an issue for me. I just can’t ever seem to remember to do it. The only time I ever even think about my HVAC system is when I go down into the basement. If I see the disgustingly dirty air filter, that is when I realize how dirty it is. That is the only time that I ever think about the fact that I probably need to change it. It is a really bad habit, and I know for a fact that it is not good for my HVAC system. Having a nice fresh air filter for the air to flow through into your ventilation system really helps with your home’s indoor air quality. Not only that, but it can help to extend the life of your heating and cooling system. Up until this point, I have been single-handedly ruining the air quality of my house along with the lifespan of my heating and cooling system in one fell swoop! It’s just a bad habit, I know. I could easily figure out the right dates to change the air filter, but I guess I am just a procrastinator sometimes. Now, though, it won’t be an issue for me anymore. I am really glad that my new smart thermostat has the feature of giving me a reminder when it is time to change out the air filter. Hopefully, I will never end up with a really dirty one ever again.



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