My new heat pump

I’m not sure where I will get the money to repair my seasoned electric heat pump however the thing is making some funny noises as well as needs to be swapped out.

I suppose I can grin as well as bear one more freezing Winter without heat, however it would sure be nice to have some comfort in this flat while in the freezing Winter that is coming.

I have all my money locked up in cryptos in a freezing wallet that I am not touching no matter what, so I undoubtedly can’t afford to repair things appreciate broken Heating & A/C component right now. I suppose getting another man to live with myself and others is the secret however I have not had much fortune so far. I need to put out some more ads as well as maybe some flyers on the windows of the local corporation near myself and others as well as be more proactive. I just want to get a good roomie as well as I am a bit leery after having such a awful experience with a occupant last time. It was a total nightmare as well as my Heating & A/C corporation almost fired myself and others because I was missing so much work going to all of the court proceedings. The police showed up because the man would not transport out as well as they were destroying my flat one thing at a time. I suppose at least I have my heating as well as cooling tech task so I can make money to live on my own till I find the right man. I just want someone normal, quiet, as well as clean. Is that asking too much or not?