My knees are becoming really bad

I suppose I am not going to be able to run anymore given that my knees are almost all out of cartilage.

  • I don’t really believe it would be a great idea to supply them any more pounding than necessary before getting total knee replacement down the road.

I had a great 30 year run of competitive beach volleyball so I suppose it wasn’t all a waste to be honest. I just want to be able to walk when I am an outdated woman and not be in pain for the remainder of my life. I suppose supplements will be important and Heating and A/C service will be possible again after a few weeks of therapy. I still have some cartilage left so possibly these pills will help rebuild it a bit and I will be great to go for another 20,000 miles. I love to clean duct systems and labor on cooling devices for customers, despite the fact that I need to have great toiling knees to do so. I will try these collagen pills for a little while to see if they do anything and then go from there with some physical therapy. This local company near me does knee therapy and I will actually trade them some cooling device service labor for some knee therapy. I will keep a positive mind and try to service this complication and transfer on with my life. I’ve been toiling as a Heating and A/C tech for around 20 years doing heating and cooling device service and would love to make it 20 more before calling it quits. My poor mother is certainly going to worry when she hears this awful news.

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