My Kittens Love to Eat Yogurt and Kefir

I guess it goes without saying that cats like yogurt and kefir as they are both made from milk.

I give them some every morning when I eat my kefir and I try to give them the fatty part that sits near the top of the container.

My girl cat especially likes it and is always begging for more once she finishes it. The boy cat is more interested in playing with the plastic lid that I put the kefir on to feed them. I got turned onto kefir when my HVAC rep came out one day to replace my washable HEPA filter one day. We were talking about health and the importance of taking probiotics to help with gut health when he told me about kefir. I’m glad I called the HVAC company that day to come out and help me with my HVAC system. I eat yogurt too, but didn’t know that kefir had more strains of probiotics in it, so I put more of it in my diet. I also like to eat sauerkraut because it is one of the most probiotic dense foods in the world. I now replace my washable HEPA filter by myself but still go to that HVAC business to buy them. Before that HVAC rep came out that day I didn’t even know that there was a filter in my HVAC system. How naive I was to think that my HVAC system cleaned the air in my flat without having a filter in it. I just didn’t know then, but at least I know now.


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